EJB design: Page cannot be displayed -- Cannot fin server or DNS Error

  1. Hi All, In my web application one particular request takes long time to complete the process. While in the middle of process am getting a page in the browser that says "The page cannot be displayed" --- some message --- Cannot find server or DNS Error Internet Explorer But in the back ground the process is going on. My page autorefresh every 5 seconds, but still iam facing this error and this erorr is not consistent. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi, It looks like you have an issue with some of your (or your hoster) DNS server. Actually this is browser error when it unable to resolve address. So, this is not related to your application (application server).
  3. How can i find out out that the issue is with the DNS server and not the application.
  4. What happens when you try to run the process in your development or test environment? Same error? Subramanian, Kumar [kumar at eminenttech dot com] J2EE Architect Eminent Technology Solutions (ETS) [www.eminenttech.com] Software / Portals / Alfresco / Outsourcing / Proteomics