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    Hi I am trying to parse the following xml Technial Architect SunGard Technology Services http://corp.naukri.com/mynaukri/mn_newminnernew.php?qs=r&qp=java&f=131008900001&=0_0_20 My parsing code is SAXReader reader = new SAXReader(); Document document; document = reader.read("http://corp.naukri.com/API/getjobs.php?c=201KDJSEHTIVX237&s=237&a=df01d27a53ba117cafa80f34518c5af0&key=java&f=1&x=xml&n=1"); However I get the following error Error on line 1 of document: The reference to entity "qp" must end with the ';' delimiter. Nested exception: The reference to entity "qp" must end with the ';' delimiter. Does anyone have any suggestions on why its tripping on the "qp" parameter
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    Hi Character '&' is no allowed in xml. In attributes you should place 'amp;' afte each '&'. In elements use content when you have a ccontent that should be left unparsed. Eg: http://corp.naukri.com/mynaukri/mn_newminnernew.php?qs=r&qp=java&f=131008900001&=0_0_20