General J2EE: What is the best way or software, to compile .ear for websphere

  1. Hi folks, I have a problem and I would like to ask for some help. We need to compile a .ear file to deploy it at our client´s server at IBM, but they aur using websphere 5.1. We tried to compile it with netbeans, but it doesn´t deploy at websphere. We tried to compile with Rational Application Developer for WebSphere, but it crahes during the compilation .... What else could we do? Many thanks.
  2. Hi, Use an external tool like ant or maven to build your ear file. (Though it is not the issue with you) Be cautious to use IBM JDK when compiling your source and building your application. Asiri
  3. Try to use IntelliJ IDEA - it natively supports WebSphere 5.1.