Performance and scalability: Performance hit when creating Entity Beans to insert 8000 rows

  1. I am trying to create Entity Beans to insert 8000 rows in the database and facing a major performance problem. It is taking a good 5 minutes to complete the process. We use CMP with Inprise App Server, that's the architecture we have to comply with. Is there anything that I can do to increase the performance by reducing the processing time? Thanks in advance.
  2. sorry, this should have been under the Performance forum.
  3. The problem is that your likely creating 8000 EJBs, one for each row. It might be better to push the row insertion back to the database server by invoking a stored procedure in the EJB. Then only one instance is required.
  4. Entity beans are a nice abstraction, but I fear you've hit one of the situations in which they simply have too much overhead. I would use JDBC in a session bean to do the update: this way your server won't need to create 8000 objects.