News: Spring Security: Securing Your Applications Against a Hibernate Accessed User repository

  1. In this exclusive article for TheServerSide.com, Mark Spritzler explores the pertinent classes and interfaces that you need to work with in order to customize your Spring based user authentication system.

    The tutorial uses a Hibernate based user repository, but don't let that scare you, because the manner in which the back end is accessed is tertiary to the point - you could just as easily be using JDBC, JPA or LDAP. The point is, it's easy to customize User authentication and application security if you're using the Spring framework.

    Securing Applications Using the Spring Framework by Mark Spritzler


  2. To this day, I see 10000000 example code where Spring Security is tied to HTTP based application.  I know Spring Security can be used on standalone app like Swing... C'mon guys.. Please???? Don't ask me why I'm in Swing based... it just comes w/ the job.

  3. Any software designed for a business must have a high degree of security. By using Spring you can insure the business security against hibernate accessed user repository and this tutorial shows you how in a few simple steps. Most developers are reluctant about using Spring but the tutorial show just how easy to use it is and how versatile.