News: JOSSO 2.0 Released: Point-and-Click Internet SSO

  1. JOSSO 2.0 has been finally released into the wild, enabling rapid Internet-scale Single Sign-On implementations by natively supporting SAML2 as well as playing nice with other standards in the identity arena such as SPML, WS-Trust and WS-Security.
    We've also raised the bar for usability and overall user experience; Federated Single Sign-On settings can now be visually designed, delivered and managed through the RIA Console bundled with the product.
    The out-of-the-box experience has also been significantly enhanced by providing an all-in-one solution.
    Last but not least, JOSSO2 brings to the table seamless multi-tenancy support through the "virtualization" of Internet SSO deployments.

    Join us for our upcoming free webinar on JOSSO2 in a timezone near you : http://www.atricore.com/news/josso2_webinar_11_18_10.html

    What's new in JOSSO 2.0 :

    • SAML2 interoperability for enabling seamless interoperability with third-party SSO systems and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications
    • Bundled with a RIA (Rich Internet Application) Console for delivering a point-and-click Internet SSO setup experience
    • Allows visual management of the complete lifecycle of SSO deployments
    • Provides a GUI-based account and entitlement management facility
    • Multi-tenancy support : Multiple isolated Federated SSO implementations can execute in parallel
    • Native high-availability and scalability support, hence no need to depend on application server/container capabilities
    • Cross Platform : Full compatibility with all the execution platforms supported in the JOSSO1 family
    • Capable of supporting any number of SSO protocol or custom extensions to the existing ones through it's new plug-in model

    Download JOSSO2 from : http://sourceforge.net/projects/josso/files/JOSSO%202/JOSSO-2.0.0/

    JOSSO Web Site: http://www.josso.org

    Atricore Web Site: http://www.atricore.com

    Follow the JOSSO project on twitter : twitter.com/josso

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    If you are interested in seeing how an identity architecture can  be visually modelled and realized as an executable artifact, this video is for you : http://www.atricore.com/videos/josso_in_action_video_framed.html

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