News: Bridging The Gap Between the Developer's Workbench and the Deployment Destination

  1. It can be difficult getting excited about the next press release touting another vendor's conquest in the cloud. As an IT professional, it's always nice to be given something tangible to work with, be it a piece of code you can compile, or a tool you can install and use. But so often, these 'cloud pronouncements' tend tout all sorts of usability, scalability and application performance enhancements without requiring any extra effort or input from application developers; and really, how much fun is a new product or technology if developers can't get their hands dirty as they play around with it?

    SpringSource announces Code2Cloud

    Take, for example, Tuesdays announcement from SpringSource, stating that after months of tirelessly working with Tasktop Technologies, they were ready to unveil their Code2Cloud Application Lifecycle Tools. Right out of the press release, Code2Cloud is described as "a service with no setup, no hardware, and no software to manage." While these types of marketing blurbs play well with managers and business users without too much technical savvy, they tend to get the more seasoned IT professionals rolling their eyes. Throw in another line about how all of this magic happens by simply 'editing a single line in a configuration file somewhere,' and any self-respecting Java professional will likely have completely tuned out.

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  2. Aptana?[ Go to top ]

    is this like Aptana's Cloud offering?   Deploy directly from Aptana Studio (IE: Eclipse)..

  3. Pricing?[ Go to top ]

    Where's the pricing for all this stuff on SpringSource? 

  4. More Code2Cloud Information[ Go to top ]

    Rod Johnson has blogged about Code2Cloud and there is also an FAQ posted


    Blog: http://blog.springsource.com/2010/10/21/springone2gx-2010-driving-java-innovation-into-the-cloud/

    FAQ: http://www.springsource.com/code2cloud/faq


    Adam FitzGerald