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    I have been itching to learn a new language, but being a Java freak, I always end up convincing myself to spend the time and effort discovering, investigating or playing with something in the Java open source stable, Spring, Hadoop, Joda Time, Hibernate, Maven, Hazelcast, EhCache etc etc. Developing in Java these days is almost purely about knowing and wiring together frameworks, which is both a good and a bad thing (as well as a topic for another day).

    Now to get myself to not redirect the "new language" energy into Y.A.F (yet another framework) I decided to give the languages out there a proper look and see which would be the best fit and most beneficial to my work, marketability and just general 'IT Zen'....

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  2. Try Erlang[ Go to top ]

    I am in a study group, and we are currently learning Erlang.  If you want to get out of the "Java box" and learn a functional language/platform geared toward concurrent distributed programming then Erlang is a good choice.  http://www.erlang.org