News: Why we nominated ourselves for the Java SE/EE Executive Committee

  1. Hi all,

    As many of you will have heard, the LJC has nominated itself for one of the open seats on the Java SE/EE executive committee (for details you can visit the nominations page).

    So why does the LJC want to sit at the table with Oracle, IBM, Red Hat etc?

    This is an important time for the global Java community. The JVM continues to rapidly evolve and with Java 7 we have forward momentum for the language itself. Oracle has stated many times that they wish to see Java remain the #1 platform and the LJC would also like to see this!


    See more at:


    Martijn Verburg (on behalf of the LJC)

    Twitter: @karianna @java7developer


  2. You are going to be really bored and frustrated.

  3. You are going to be really bored and frustrated.

    The real work happens in the JSRs.

  4. Well, we won the seat and are very excitred to try and change the organisation and process from within.

    As well as championing further openess, we also want to be an agent of change for how the community interacts with JSRs.  We think there's massive room for improvement in this area.

    I doubt we'll be bored.  Frustrated at times?  Sure!  But we want to give Java developers around the world a chance to be heard.  I'm not going to give up before I've even started.