News: JavaOne Unveils Project Avatar: One HTML5 Strategy to Rule Them All

  1. Perhaps the most interesting and forward-thinking announcement to come out of the JavaOne keynotes is the unveiling of a new HTML5 development strategy that has been dubbed Project Avatar.

    Not knowing exactly what Project Avatar will entail, there is hesitation to call it a “framework” or an “infrastructure”. What it certainly can be described as is a philosophy, promising to move the Java world into a place where development practices and patterns will be more in line with and Internet that revolves around HTML5 standards.

    Of course, the pertinent question to ask is why the community needs a new strategy from Oracle when many companies are already using existing Java frameworks to deliver rich HTML5 based applications? 

    Read the full article from TheServerSide:

    Project Avatar: One HTML5 Strategy to Rule Them All


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