EJB programming & troubleshooting: Is there any EJBDeployerTool in WLS6.0 like 5.1

  1. Hi I am new in WLS6.0

    is there any EJBDeployerTool in WLS6.0 ( which generates the
    XMLs) like WLS 5.1 or i have to write the Deployment Descriptors myself .

    If it is there how to use that .

    Thanks in advance


  2. I am using WL6.0 . As far as i know there is know tool to create XML file. You have to do that manually.
  3. there is a builder tool available. You can download it from bea website. But beware Bea does not provide support for this tool. This tool is a war file that you should deploy to your server.
  4. Hi All ,

    Thanks for your reply . Can any body tell me , the url
    from where should i download the tool . Writing the XML files manually will be a difficult job.