News: ZeroTurnaround unveils LiveRebel 2.5, now with automated Configuration Scripts

  1. LiveRebel 2.5 extends version 2.0, the Java industry’s only solution that can instantly hot-patch apps in production without session loss, and lets operations teams implement Continuous Delivery principles with automated rolling restarts and offline updates.

    Newly introduced are Config Scripts, which are scripts that LiveRebel will automatically execute in order to fulfill events and dependencies that occur during the application update process. Examples are: 

    • Perform smoke tests after the update
    • Update database schema
    • Update static content on proxy
    • Install and configure new services required by the application
    • Trigger other deployments and/or updates

    The vision behind LiveRebel is to eliminate the horror of 3 AM manual updates in order to avoid downtime and disruption to user sessions. In a recent how-to guide designed to help Operations teams implement Continuous Delivery practices in their organization, LiveRebel teams up wth Jenkins and Nexus to make it happen.  

    LiveRebel is available as a free trial for 30 days, and review the full release on the ZeroTurnaround blog.


  2. Yep, we've released it. One can now manage and setup whatever complex environment setup it wants to.