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    Can any one tell how to convert .xml file to .doc file so that it can be viewed through microsoft word and vice

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    Whats the problem just open it as a text file. Since there is no semantic associated with an xml file you will see actual tag-element dump. XML is simple data. A question like opening an XML in Access or Excel is more sensible than in word!!!
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    Hi thanks

    I have to elemenate the tags and see only the data associated with that.reply for that.
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    without the tags the data has no sense. XML is just a standard format. So just as you have the html engine built in for word, there may be somw version of xslt available for xml!!! Tell me what actually is required for your case in reference!
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    Let me guess. You are using XML to represent the structure of some document, and you want to use Word as the editor?

    Not unusual, but not easy either.

    Look at BroadVision BladeRunner. It does just this, using a product they developed called BRT. It can handle tables, paragraphs all sorts of things. Needs to run on an MS OS with MS Office 2000 or 97 though!

    You pays yer money and you takes yet choice. :-)