News: Eclipse vs IntelliJ architectural dilemma: To Auto Save or not

  1. While Eclipse and IntelliJ are almost identical in terms of their feature sets, there is one key difference which greatly impacts the functionality and user experience of both products.

    Auto Save is that feature. IntelliJ has it, Eclipse doesn’t.

    'Clearly Intellij is better', you might say. 'Wish eclipse had it too', you might say. But things are more complicated than that.

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  2. AutoSave - wrong approach[ Go to top ]

    I am a fan of Eclipse. Recentely, I moved to IntelliJ and I'm quite happy with it ( its Search capabilty much is faster and efficient, its integration with tomcat/jboss is smoother etc ).

    BUT : its autosave feature is wrong, to my opinion. B'cause when you write code, you want sometime to erase all your changes. In eclipse, it's very simple: you just have to revert your file. 

    In IntelliJ, your only solution is to press Ctrl-Z (undo) several times ... And very often, you don't know how many undo you need to click.



  3. Open IntelliJ Idea Preferences[ Go to top ]

    Go to General Tab

    Uncheck "Save files on frame deactivation"

    "Dillemma" solved...

  4. Open IntelliJ Idea Preferences[ Go to top ]

    Go to general tab

    Uncheck save files on frame deactivation

  5. Use local version history[ Go to top ]

    A much better way of seeing your changes is to use Local History.

    You can find it here in the menu: VCS / Local History / Show History

    With this type of local version tracking I prefer the automatic save functionality.

  6. AutoSave - wrong approach[ Go to top ]

    Intellij provides local version history. With this in place I prefer autosave.

    From the menu: VCS / Local History / Show History

  7. NetBeans plugin supports it as well[ Go to top ]

    You can have all this features if you use NetBeans and install Auto Save plugin. If you save more than you desire, you have the local history to revert the file state or use Ctrl + Z as well.