News: Slowly and surely moving to the cloud: Why pre-production PaaS and IaaS makes sense

  1. Migrating a data center to the cloud is a slippery slope, and once an organization begins the process of moving to a SaaS, PaaS or IaaS provider, they find themselves quickly adopting more and more cloud based technologies. But there is still a great deal of fear when it comes to taking that first step. So how can organizations mitigate their risk while at the same time get an idea of what types of benefits can be garnered from moving to the cloud? 

    Nigel Kersten, CTO of Puppet Labs has some sage advice for companies that are still reticent when it comes to cloud computing. His advice? Start your adoption slowing with dev and test, see how progress goes, and slowly move more and more responsibilities to PaaS and IaaS providers. Of course, don't take my word for it. Nigel has penned a fairly eloquent article on the subject. Give it a read. He makes a good point.

    Dev and Test in the Cloud: Why pre-production in the cloud makes sense



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    Don't most post people just use virtual machines for test and pre-production?
  3. "vagrant up" command solves this particual issue  without cloud