XML & Web services: ideas on conversion from xml to Excel format and vice versa

  1. hi,
    i need some help to migrate aome old tables in Excel to xml format.any ideas what formatting objects are used for this? Also what formatting objects are required for xml to Word?
    parser i am using is ibm4j.
    thanx in anticipation.
  2. Since Excel comes with an ODBC driver, I'll use the JDBC-ODBC bridge driver that comes packaged with Sun's JDK to create a excel spreadsheet.

  3. ok..as for excel...but what of the Word transformation.Is it possible?any comprehensive site which lists all the interrelationships possible.
    Thanks for the above answer.
  4. Lookup FormulaOne. That does exactly what you are talking about.


  5. hi all

    i am using odbc excel driver in java program thru jdbc for accesing ms excel data by creating dsn manualy by odbc administartor , can there is any code to create system dsn
    in my java code without odbc administrator .
    thks if any body can help me.
    maneesh gupta