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  1. When I try to deploy ejb-jar file into container using the following command :

    java weblogic.ejbc -d %EJB_CLASSES_DIR% lib\HelloWorld.jar, I get an error about the HelloBeanhomeImpl class generated by the weblogic server; it says that :
                    com.wiley.compBooks.roman.session.helloworld.HelloBeanhomeImpl must be abstract, it does not define javax.ejb.HomeHandle from javax.ejb.EJBHome.

    The class HelloBeanhomeImpl is generated by the weblogic server.
    Please suggest necessary action/s.
  2. Dear Alan,
          I am not very sure about your case, but I have deployed the HelloWorld jar successfully and run the client.

    If you go through the weblogic.properties file you will find sample applications ejb deployments for weblogic server. You can uncomment them and start the server. If these are deployed successfully you can add your ejb to the file and start the server.
                   Let me know if you are not clear.