EJB design: This is a design discussion not programming help!

  1. This is a design discussion not programming help! (4 messages)

    I dont mind answering questions, but when you post questions on here like how do i get this to work, that is not design!!!! T
  2. I wasn't really done with my thought ... Please try and post your questions in the appropriate discussion, this way when people are searching for answers they can go to the right discussion. Like I said I answer questions when I can and when I have a few momements, but the questions are every where!!!


  3. Excellent point, Rich.
  4. Rich, all I can say is Amen!
  5. I got good experience in EJB, JSP, Servlets,and etc, and I know well how to deploy EJB on J2EE appl.server and weblogic server too.
    But the fact is I hegitate to go for J2ee Architect position.
    Can u support in this issue?.