EJB programming & troubleshooting: Fail Over concept regarding Transaction management

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    For fail over concept, does developer needs to do any special coding in his components. I know the answer is no but when i was going through one of BEA Weblogic examples he implemented client code in such a way that if the transaction fails he will attempt the transaction again with the same information(now it is on different server in a clustered environment). In this case he is not maintaing transaction state on more that one server, am i correct. I believe if we do set up same environment to take care of Session for fail over, it will work good for transactions also, am i correct. Please correct me if i am wrong and let me know how to accomplish the same.

    Srinivas Gamini
  2. Can your post the client code here mentioning what
    exactly he did.

    I agree with you that application need not do any special
    coding for failover as it should be taken care of by
    the underneath transport mechanism of EJB and should
    be totally transparent.