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    Hi ,

    Is anyone out there using tomcat 3.3 or greater on Solaris with Ocacle8i? I'm having a problem with the driver. For tomcat 3.2.3 (and lower), you can add the drivers (which are archived in a zip file called to your classpath, and tomcat will pick it up from there. However, with tomcat 3.3 and higher, the classpath is ignored . The documentation suggests that you can put additional jar's in the lib folder, but I'm dealing with a zip file. I tried unzipping and creating a jar, but that didn't work. For now, I'm just sticking with 3.2.3, but I'd like to upgrade. Any ideas on how to handle this?


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    I just re-jarred the oracle file once so it was .jar (as a test) and it worked just fine. That'll work. I'm using tomcat/oracle/solaris as well.

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    Hi Newt,

    Did you jar the unzipped files, or did you jar the zip file itself? I did unzipped the files, which placed a file named oracle on my desktop. I jar'd it with the following commands

    jar cvf classes12.jar oracle

    and placed it in the lib folder. However, I still get an error message saying "no suitable driver". Is this what you did?

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    Yeah, Tomcat 4.0 is cool. Put your driver.jar in /common/lib
    not /lib. Worked for me.

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