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    I think that EJB isn't OO.
    Using EntityBean to represent A Desk Object, or SessionBean?

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    i think the EJB is OO in some where.Many design patterns can use in EJB.I think it has it's OO.^_^
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    EJB is largely anti-OO. It's unfortunate but that's the state of things right now. CORBA does distributed OO better but has other limitations.
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    Why is EJB largely anti-OO?
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    For Guys who said that EJB isn't OO, if you take it from the developer point of view, I agree with you.
    The reason is, the developer has nothing to do much to develop an EJB and all what he is concerned with this his/her Business Logic. The Developer will start the development with filling the methods like ejbLoad(),ejbStore()... and so on.

    There are also some issues like Inhertiance in EJB which is considered to be a risky thing to do. Moreover, EJBs involve some more difficuilt thing which is setting up a framework for your Whole Systems in case of Large scale systems.

    If we take the EJB APIs itself , I guess it is full of crazy OO, So guys don't mis-estimate the technology :)