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    Hi, I worked with tomcat, so whenever I want to create a new application, I create a new directory :

    Now it's my first day with Iplanet under Unix, Please I will appreciate if you can show me the steps to follow to create an application in iplanet, I went to the doc but it looks huge, for now I want just to see how to do it , your help will be appreciated.

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    The iPlanet web server typically installs under /usr/netscape/server4

    The default web directory is /usr/netscape/server4/docs which is equivalent to "tomcat/webapps/mydirectory "

    As long as the lib jars and the classes directory is in your server classpath, it shouldnt matter where you create them.

    The iPlanet administration tool will be running at http://localhost:8888 (unless you specified a different port during the install). There you can specify the server's classpath, as well as other configuration settings.

    Hope this helps