Oracle announces Oracle9iAS release 2


News: Oracle announces Oracle9iAS release 2

  1. Oracle announces Oracle9iAS release 2 (9 messages)

    Oracle Corporation today announced Oracle9i Application Server Release 2. The latest release includes clustering, caching and availability features, support for J2EE 1.3, Web Services tools and more. Oracle has also announced signifiant new Portal, Wireless and Voice features integrated with Oracle9iAS.

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  2. Great stuff!
    When will this be available from ironflare if one dare to ask?
  3. At one point I heard a rumor of "by the end of the year" for Orion. We'll see. I hope so!
  4. It appears that oc4j with J2EE1.3 support is still not available on the oracle site for download. If some knows otherwise please let us know the url where this is available.
    The latest version of OC4J available at oracle site is which is not fully J2EE1.3 compliant.
  5. Because OC4J is actually just Orion server 1.5.2 with minor modifications from Oracle
  6. Because OC4J is actually just Orion server 1.5.2 with minor modifications from Oracle

    This is certainly true for the first release of OC4J, but my understanding is that Oracle licensed a copy of the orion source and will have their own team extending it from there. This is based on discussions with the Oracle folks at JavaOne this year.

    If this is true, you'd expect orion and OC4J to diverge over time. Of course, there could be an arrangement where the code bases are synchronized (or at least cross-pollinated) over time. I think it would be smart for Oracle to have done this. Does anyone have better or more current information on the arrangement between IronForge and Oracle?
  7. I talked to Karl Avedal from Ironflare at JAOO in september and as I understood him, they have continous access to each other codebases. How and when they are synchronized I don't know though.
  8. hints in the preview package[ Go to top ]

    If you download the OC4J 2.0.0 preview and look at the contents of oc4j.jar, you will see that it contains all the usual com.evermind.* packages but also oracle.j2ee.connector (JCA), (Web services),oracle.j2ee.xanadu (?), oracle.jms (Oracle Advanced Queuing integration ?), oracle.jsp.

    The j2ee\home directory contains other JAR files such as jazn.jar (Oracle's JAAS implementation), jmxri.jar, jaxb-rt-1.0-ea.jar.

    And there are several other directories that contain e.g. SOAP and WSDL support as well as the oracle.ias.cache package.

    This makes me think that all the Oracle packages would be part of OC4J 2.x only while J2EE 1.3 support would be in a future release of Orion as well. Unless there are other agreements we don't know about, of course...

    - Alain.
  9. hints in the preview package[ Go to top ]

    After reading this particular quote on the Oracle Web Site:
    <Oracle Web Site>
    Oracle9iAS Release 2 includes complete support for Enterprise
    JavaBeans (EJB) 2.0; Servlets 2.3; JavaServer Pages (JSP) 1.2;
    JTA 1.0; JNDI 1.2; JMS 1.0; JDBC 2.0; JavaMail 1.2, JAF 1.0,
    JAXP 1.1, Connector 1.0, and JAAS 1.0. OC4J also supports
    standard services such as JSP Tag libraries, WAR and EAR file-
    based deployment, auto deployment and "hot" deployment of J2EE
    Applications; and provides advanced clustering facilities to
    support both stateless and stateful application failover of
    servlets and EJBs. OC4J provides tight integration with Oracle9i
    JDeveloper for application development and Oracle Enterprise
    Manager for management, configuration, and monitoring.
    </Oracle Web Site>

    I was reasonably excited that now I would be able to deploy ejb2.0-based applications using local interfaces, etc. I assumed that 'complete support' meant, well, complete support. It does not, however, unless I am missing something. The ejb2.0 support hasn't changed - it's still somewhere back on draft 1 of the ejb spec.

    Oh well.

  10. You can download the Developer Preview of OC4J V2 from:

    Lots of interesting new material here coming out coincident with the Oracle OpenWorld announcements. Check out the Oracle9iAS Web Services strategy paper:

    For more reading, check out the new .NET vs. J2EE Petstore performance comparison also located at the first URL.