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    I have been using tomcat for some time now as my first web server. I am trying to set up apache on Win 2000 Pro and I cannot seem to get it to work. It tells me it cannot determine the host name when I give it a new directory for the server root. I cant get Apache to start. What am i doing wrong?

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    Its a good choice to use APACHE as u'r webserver and redirect request for servlets and JSPS to Apache-Tomcat Engine.

    I am currently using Tomcat 4.0.1 & 3.2.2
    the following text is for configuration of Apache with Tomcat 3.3.2, as I am not aware of integration of Apache with 4.0.1.
    Download 'ApacheModuleJserve.dll' and copy it into modules folder of tomcat.modify httpd file of apache and add
    "c:/program files/apache group/tomcat 3.3.2/conf/apache-tomcat.conf".
    This file is automatically created by Tomcat engine for the first time u start Tomcat.So u need to start Tomcat first , before starting u'r webserver.

    Also Below is the autoexec.bat file for TOMCAT 4.0.1
    U may modify it as per u'r need.


    set CLASSPATH =.; c:\tomcat-4.0.1;
    set CLASSPATH =%CLASSPATH%c:\mysql\lib\jdbc;c:\jdk1.3.0_01\jre\lib;
    set CLASSPATH =%CLASSPATH% c:\tomcat-4.0.1\webapps\malebox\WEB-INF\poolman.jar;
    set JAVA_HOME=c:\jdk1.3.0_01
    set TOMCAT_HOME=c:\tomcat-4.0.1

    Remmember to install tomcat in apache group folder.
    then http://localhost/application_name , will start Apache-Tomcat communication
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    I forgot to tell you.

    the line : Include "c:/program files......../.../...."

    is to be added at the end of apache's configuration file.

    Also "apachemodulejserve.dll is to be added to modules folder of Apache and NOT TOMCAT.." sorry for that

    Last but not the least , Congratulations for using APACHE..