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News: Struts Console 1.3 released

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    The Struts Console is a standalone Java Swing application for managing Struts-based applications. With the Struts Console you can visually edit Struts configuration files and you can convert JSPs to use the Struts HTML tag library for form handling.

    The Struts Console also "plugs" into mulitple, popular Java IDEs for seamless management of Struts applications from one central development tool.

    Check it out at

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    I downloaded the console. Nice job. But I didn't see the mentioned plug-in to NetBeans. Is this an upcoming feature? If so, I'd note that on your page...

    UI is snappy and looks good... I haven't taken the JSP converter on a ride, but looks promising.

    Ken Rimple
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    Hey Ken,

    If you read the help docs it gives all the details for installing the software as a NetBeans module. If you have any problems feel free to let me know.

    james at jamesholmes dot com