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    i have written an application in which a JSP page calls a session bean which in turn call an Entity bean which represent a database table(BMP).
    session bean simple finds a row in a table based on primary key.
    this works fine in JBoss, but after deploying it in Weblogic6.1 sp2, after writing appropriate weblogic-ejb-jar i am facing problem which id as follows:

    on first invocation entity bean returns appropriate row but on subsequent call,it simply returns the row which it had returned on first invocation.

    on checking i found that in ejbLoad, the entityContext.getPrimaryKey() always return the same primary key which it had returned for the first time even though in next invocation primary key used is different.

    can any body tell what could be the reason of EntityContext not having the current primary key returned by findByPrimaryKey() of EntutyBean.
    (it works perfectly fine in JBoss).


  2. Hi Pankaj
    can u send me your deployment discriptors.

  3. hi manoj
    thanx for ur reply. i could have posted both ejb-jar.xml and weblogic-ejb-jar.xml but they are quite big,if u can tell me what part u r interested in i can post that part here.