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    A very useful set of GUI components for WEB development in JSP. It is essentially a tag library combined with server- side GUI components that are self-contained (managing their own state) and that support custom rendering. Some of the components cover menus, tabbed panes, tree views, table views, HTML forms. There are a lot of form validation tags as well.

    get it @ http://www.kobrix.com/
  2. How about some demo page so we can see what you are talking about look like?
  3. There are some TICL examples at the kobrix site, located in TICL/Examples in the menu bar at the top of the page.
  4. Thanks! It's looks nice. Is the form stuff easy to operate with Struts? IOW, can t: replace the struct form tag?
  5. I bet it won't work together with Struts. I've build a similar library (even goes a step further with workflow management and international) and tried to intergrate it, but struts is very stubborn and absolutely wants those form classes defined. My approach needed to be more relaxed.

    One of the thing I had to solve is that when the user changes tabpane, that the data entered on that tabpane must be saved so it can be restored when the tab is redisplayed later. Is that solved in these tags?

  6. Don't know if its just me, but the kobrix site seemed slow. If you're going to market tags, you probably want a screaming site. The tags looked good though.

    I didn't see a price for comercial license (just **). That made me lose interest completely. If we're going to ask for money, please lets appear to be professional.
  7. Yeah, it's pretty slow. I thought it was the tag library, but apparently it's the connection (they have an issue with their ISP or something). I downloaded and played with the examples and they're fast...

    BTW, what's wrong with not pricing alpha software? I thought it was a common practice ;) I emailed them if they can give a range and we'll see...
  8. Hi,

    for opensource lovers:

    I'm making a simple tag interface component library released under the MozPL1.1

    The URL is:
    pow2 web gui

    Up to now, there is a simple window component (a panel), and a nice tabbedPanel.
    I have done some classes that manage a tree structure
    and a Database Tree structure (that is, the tree represents the records from a db table that follows some rules).
    With these classes you can visit, add, move, remove, insert the tree nodes from the tree structure.
    The Database Tree structure reflects these changes on the underlying db table.

    I must make some refactoring, then I will add them to that package (in a month or two - I cannot work full time on my opensource projects...).

    The html widgets representation is stored into template files (I'm using the Jakarta Velocity template engine).

    Hope it can be useful ;^)