Is this a MySQL driver problem..?


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    I have just posted an PAGING question using setFetchsize().
    My developement work is halted as , i am facing some unknown problem.

    I will describe my enviornment in short:

    database : MySQL
    dirver :
    Server : Apache
    Servlet Engine : Tomcat
    OS : win 98

    My bean has some connection and database query:
    PreparedStatement pstmt = myconn.prepareStatement("select userName from loginmaster order by userName",TYPE_SCROLL_SENSITIVE,CONCUR_READ_ONLY); rst.setFetchSize(10).
     I get two errors:java.lang.AbstractMethodError: org/gjt/mm/mysql/ResultSet.setFetchSize &
    java.lang.AbstractMethodError: org/gjt/mm/mysql/connection.createStatement

    I get unSupportedOperation Exception in type I driver.

    an anybody help me out.
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    Isnt type I driver of the type jdbc:odbc bridge? Could u paste the complete exception please.