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    i am new to ejb, have got lots of questions that confused me,i sincerely need your helps,thank you!
    normally,when i develops ejb,i always make them ear files first,the deploy them to the j2ee reference server by using the deploytool that is built in the j2ee developing kit,if i find error,i must modify the porgram again,and remake the ear file again,redeploy them again,and retest them again.........,the procedure waste me lots of time,i wonder if i can deploy the classes file directly to the reference server,after they are successfully tested,then i make the ear file,and deploy them,if yes,how?

    help me please!
    thanks again.

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    I don't know about the J2EE deploy tool, but if you use JBOSS, you can just drop a .jar file containing your EJB classes into the /deploy directory, and the ejb will deploy or give a meaningful error message.

    JBOSS is very simple to set up - basically you unpack the distribution and run a batch file!

    I'd consider using JBOSS as a learning tool rather than the reference J2EE app server.

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    thank you
    i am now studying jboss
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    even in OAS u just have to drop the jar file in the root of the application. but then it is always better to delete the folder made in application-deployments and then restart the server.