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    We are in the process of redesigning a existing citrix application that is used by roughly 300 internal users distributed across the U.S.. Seeing that we have to rewrite the application anyway, I thought that we should take this opportunity to convert this application into a web based application. As you all have learned, management often does not like change and needs concrete evidence to consider making this transition.

    The problem: I am having trouble finding information that is not pro citrix. Has anyone gone through this recently? Could anyone offer some help?


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    The use of citrix over a web application the major arguments would be:

    1. Licensing costs
    2. Portability and better performance of a web based application vs citrix over the WAN.
    3. Depending on the intensity of the application being converted, often will lead to a savings in hardware costs, as typical web applications can usually run on less heavy duty hardware.
    4. Ability to modularize components and interface with other systems is a advantage of web vs citrix.

    The main things to consider are:

    1. If you are going to redevelope a application, does your team have more experience with client / server application programming or building web applications.

    2. Have any studies been in house that can determine what the major issues are with the current application, and if so, can these issues be resolved with porting to a web based application.

    3. Security and Administration. Do the suppport staff have the knowledge to maintain and support the shift of the application from a terminal services orientation to a browser based application.

    Typically the way you would win the business argument is by breaking down for management over a 5 year term:

    1. Cost savings
    2. Browser based applications are usually easier to administer and maintain, thus savings in support costs
    3. Use of browser based applications mean that as employes move or are brought onboard - they can always find the application by just opening the browser. If you incorporate fail-over support into you overall design - then more for your case there..

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    This is a common problem we see every day.  The reality is that if you need citrix and you are trying to develop or deploy web/cloud application then you are already on the wrong foot.  Citrix is no different than when Windows verses DOS came out and companies used to put a Window icon on a DOS system and you clicked it and started the DOS application in Windows.  It just does not work.  There are countless examples of millions of dollars spent on Citrix and it is the proverbial turning led in to gold story sold over again and again.  This time Citrix keeps the gold which is all the money you have to spend to get it going and keep it going if you can make it work. 

    You are either a true web application or you are not!

    By the way, we could probably help with this issue. 

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    I totally agree with your comments. Citrix just complicated matters, leads to many more man hours trying to sort out compatibility problems, and of course there is the cost of Citrix.....Well said!