We are currently designing a solution for a customer, along with Oracle.

Oracle are 'pushing' the customer to use their Oracle 9i CRM solution which we'd have to build. Our preferred solution would be Oracle 9i App Server using JSPs/EJBs etc., in other words a pure J2EE solution.

Has anyone got any experiences of Oracle 9i CRM?

It appears to use Oracle Forms rather than JSP's and a forms engine. How easy to design/customisable are these forms?

How configurable is the validation? We'd have some quite complex validation that spans multiple forms.

The client side appears to run as an applet, which is downloaded to the browser the first time the client accesses. To me, this is thick-client rather than thin-client technology. How does this perform in the real world?

How does the application server talk to the database. Are EJB's used or is at all stored procedures?

Is it a scalable solution?

How does it perform relative to J2ee using JSPs and EJBs.

I'd appreciate any comments positive or negative :-)

Rick Kenyon