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    I am currently working on iPlanet 6.0 SP4 with oracle 8.1.6. I am planning to make my application language independent. while testing I figured out that if i use oci8 driver or oracle, it doesn't support other language characters while the thin driver supports fine. Can anybody help me regarding this? Is this a bug, or some possible configuration issue? Has somebody came across this problem before? How do i go about it ?"


  2. The iPlanet supplied Oracle driver doesn't support Arabic (and probably other character sets) or CLOBS/BLOBS.

    The Oracle OCI8 drivers also doesn't seem to support Arabic. Maybe this is only when using iPlanet.

    The Oracle Thin drivers *do* support Arabic, and work OK with iPlanet.

    *HOWEVER*.... iPlanet does not support Global (XA) Transactions on third-pary drivers. So if you plan to use multiple datasource connections, you're stuffed (as we found out 90% of the way into a project).

    This is supposed to be fixed in iAS6.5 to be released in March.

  3. Thanks.

    I fear I have got a bit different problem. I am rendering everything in terms of UTF-8. That's at least how i plan to do it.

    would the language specific implementations of oci8/iPlanet post problems here as well, it seems they are already onto it.

    please respond.

    best regards