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    Has anyone else been experiencing slow performance from TSS lately? Everything downloads fine - except the "advert_java/servlet/GetAdServlet/****". I don't remember seeing this before - and it looks like TSS has recently started to see banner ads.

    TSS is one of my favorites sites because it always performs well. but this is pretty annoying. For some reason, when the page is still loading, I can't login - it says my password is invalid.

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       One week ago we began using an adserver to serve the banner ads on TSS, which slowed down runtime a bit (since ads could no longer be cached by the browser).

      Today (Friday the 15th) the adserver had a bug and stopped functioning. This brought the final page rendering time on TSS to upwards of 5 seconds. We quickly removed all banner ads when we noticed this.

      What I am wondering now is if in your post, are you referring to the specific problem we had today, or the performance of TSS over the last week in total?

      Thanks for your help, I have seen your name around TSS alot - you are a valued member!

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    Floyd -

    I only noticed the problem on Friday. Things seem to be working fine now - but it doesn't look like the ad server is running.

    Thanks for the explanation.

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    Banners?? What happened to an ad-free TSS?? I guess the state of economy leaves you little choice....
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    Yes, we are resorting to banners. We can't keep the love all to ourselves anymore. :)

    We promise to keep it subtle. :)