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    I felt there was a need at TSS for a discussion forum that only discusses Dev tools for J2EE.

    Developing a little more complex application _quickly_ takes time since I have to do everything from JSP/EJB/SQL Server 2000/Admin/ by myself and knowing everything , applying MVC, design patterns _takes__time_. I wouldn't want to do it any other way (no short cuts)

    I know there are togethersoft, Ration Rose, JBuilder...but dont see a discussion where one is compared to another actually by developers here who actually use it.

    It would be nice to know more about tools that are available and what people think and what is best suited for what type of applications.

    I have looked for such discussions but there isnt any.


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    hi guys anybody with experience with epicentric portal server.one company needs people.

    mail me at ssatya@hotmail.com
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     I work with Epicentric portal as a developer. What
    skill set is required? Could you please supply more details?
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    A discussion forum, or a review section.

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    I think a discussion forum and a review forum both needs to exist for J2EE at TSS and tools are very very imortant to the success of J2EE specially given more than one Open Source EJB/JSP/Servlet container available.

    I love J2EE (thats why I am here :)) but a few weeks ago, I worked with SQL server (upsize) Implementation with Replication services set up at multiple plants and hence got a chance to look at the ACCESS 97 tools. ACCESS 97 (1997) has so many features built into it nicely to build queries; tables; cross tabs; etc into it made me wonder why I so much time in writing J2EE applications and I knew the +answer. Tools. I dont use tools. And when I came back to TSS I wanted to just get a jump start on tools.

    Steep learning curve for J2EE is still a huge factor for both administrators & developers to quickly switch. Answer??? Tools!!!

    J2EE anyone would agree with me takes time to design; implement. There must be a quicker way to do things using J2EE. Right??? Solution??? Tools!!!

    Am I willing to invest into tools???? Yes! but once and something that fits my needs. How would I know if some tool will fit my needs is to research all tools by visiting each website and register with them ; try it out.

    Long process.

    Easier way??? One discussion forum where everything is compared; evaluated; suggested; discussed; talked....


    Tools - there are a thousand of them. But each existing like an individual island of knowledge and groups of people. Everyday, I care lesser about things like EJB and If JBoss will kill Weblogic this year.

    I know one thing for sure. If I can't cut time for development using J2EE - I might as well sell my J2EE stuff on EBay and learn PHP/ASP or what have you. Because my company cannot afford to be less competetive to applications built purely using webservers.

    I hope TSS takes notice :)

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    I agree with Deepak that it would be great to exchange some experiences/ideas/thoughts about which dev tools we're all using - comparing them or just offering food for discussion about the best ways to "get the job done".

    This thread doesn´t appear to be rolling yet (hey - this is a discussion forum!), so here's my contribution to start things rolling:

    We develop various applications (bespoke IT solutions for various clients) and often have to deal with disparate architectures - differing app. servers, both web and non-web applications, small, large, etc., you get the point. This means we often have to fit our solution to what the end-customer wants. Our approach to do this is to place a great deal of emphasis on the modeling and design of the solution and then to use a toolset which we've selected to give us the level of flexibility we need: ArcStyler as the overall IT architecture IDE, Rose (modeller edition, we don't need more) as UML drawing tool, JBuilder as Java IDE to sit under the generation capabilities of ArcStyler and then the usual run of infrastructure software - different app. servers depending upon the project, Tomcat, etc. etc.

    We've found this toolset to be ideal for meeting the needs of our clients and ensuring that we can develop systems both rapidly and with the level of quality expected. By adopting the MDA (Model Driven Architecture) approach defined by OMG, and supported by ArcStyler, the emphasis is on attacking the business needs and not on getting unnecessarily bogged down with time-consuming low-level details.

    What approach do others take??

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      What would be more useful to you, an actual discussino forum called J2EE Tools or changing our 'reviews' section to allow the reviewing of tools?

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    Hi FLoyd:

    I think the review section for tools would be a great start :) If it catches up we can start discussions.

    Thanks You so very much. You guys rock!!!