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    Hi !
    I have an application written in C & C++. The server side componenets of the application is written in C++, and the client side component is written in C. Now, the organization has decided to migrate the client side component written in C to Java.

    1. Is there any optimal procedure for migrating code from C to Jva.

    2. Do I got to use technologies like JNI or CORBA for this.

    Please do throw some lights on this.


  2. Can you be a little more specific? How does your client communicate with your server tier?
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    Hi AJP,

    There is no any CodeConverter that can generate C to JAVA code.If u got a job to migrate C to JAVA then u have to write the code for that but I can give u a suggestion that keep ur API which is responsable for communication with server in C and use the JNI calls to pass the parameter and get the response.
    If ur parameters and responses are too complex the u can think over using XML to pass c as parameter and getting response.

  4. There is no direct way to migrate the code from c to java.
    Java client can access c code methods by using JNI calls.
    Group c code APIS in one DLL & call those methods from java code by using JNI calls.
     Refere Java Tutorial for JNI Help.
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