Do the business developers need a GUI to manage business logic,


TSS feedback: Do the business developers need a GUI to manage business logic,

  1. The major drawback for building an applicvation on WebLogic Portal 4.0 is the addition of another layer of complexity, namely the adherence to Webflow mechanisms. BEA argues that managing the site flow from a GUI interface to glue together components, insert business campaigns, and change site flow eases the maintenance and development process of the web application. Again, there is some truth to this. If the web application is going to require many changes to site flow because of business requirements and has vanilla requirements, then yes the GUI tool and Webflow architecture may make sense. But, from my experience, site flow does not change too often, and when it does, it may require a few code line changes. Web applications rarely fall into the vanilla category and both Webflow and pre-built components tend to need work around and/or changes.
  2. I'm only planing to get some experience with WebLogic Portal. But I'm considereing your question with more philosophical side. With my point of view experienced developer could do the job without any fancy GUI.

    But I think it's much more easy to start working with a technology if you have some "nice" GUI. I'm considering an administrative console of WebLogic Server 6.1 as a good example.

    And from marketing point of view it's much more easy to push product on the market if it doesn't require a lot of training and to start working with it.