Converting XML to Fixed Length Text Data using XSLT


XML & Web services: Converting XML to Fixed Length Text Data using XSLT

  1. Ladies and Gents, I need some guidance and a sample snippet if possible.
    Basically I want to convert an xml file to a fixed length text file.
    The following is a sample of what I am trying to do.
    Note the data for each element/attribute must be in the exact start
    position stated below. For example, if there is a scenario where child2
    does not show on the input xml file, then if child3 is present, it must
    still start in position 39.

    Position of data for output file:
    field: child1 start 1 length 7
    field: att1 start 12 length 5
    field: child2 start 27 length 12
    field: child3 start 39 length 15
    field: att2 start 56 length 3

    <parent att1="foo">
      <child3 att2="bar">yetAnotherChild</child3>

    aChild foo anotherChildyetAnotherChild bar

    I would really appreciate any help on this.

    Garvin Franco
  2. Hi Garvin Franco ,

    Have heard about weblogic integrator. This product is for MOM. In this product , 'FormatBuilder' is the module.
    Which does follwoing type of conversions .
    i.e. From 'Binary stream' to 'XML' and 'XML' to 'Binary'.

    you can configure amny ways using thro Swing UI they have provided .

    Output of this tool , are java files . you can use those java files directly .

    Freeware is available on net visit


  3. Hi Abhijit,
                I was looking for an open solution to experiment with. I am using the Xalan processor and I am looking for an example of a stylesheet that would give me the output specified in my original message. Do you have any clues?