JDBInsight 1.1 EA (JDBC Profiler) Available


News: JDBInsight 1.1 EA (JDBC Profiler) Available

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    Inspired has announced the immediate availability of JDBInsight 1.1 EA. JDBInsight is a tool captures and analyzes JDBC method calls, and even the data passed between these calls, as well as timing and transaction execution path information for enterprise data accessed by Web, Session and Entity Beans using JDBC or CMP.

    Check out JDBInsight 1.1 EA.

    Press Release
    12th April 2002
    Inspired, announces the immediate availability of JDBInsight 1.1 EA, pushing forward the visualization of J2EE performance profiles. For many companies embarking on large scale J2EE development, JDBInsight has proven to be an invaluable tool in the early and rapid detection of J2EE performance bottlenecks.

    Download JDBInsight 1.1 EA here.

    Whats New
    New Features
      Transaction interaction diagram
      Graphical representation of transation paths normalized to the most cost execution path
      Transaction script view
      Visualization of transaction path showing tables and columns along with access type
      High-Low chart for SQL statements min, average and maximum execution cost
      Schema model finder that connects directly to tables matching a specified query

    Target Performance Early
    Prevention is better than cure; that's why JDBInsight enables development teams to target performance from day one. Targeting performance early in the development lifecycle saves development time, delivers projects on time and produces higher-quality systems.
    J2EE™ Profiling
    The single biggest bottleneck in most real world J2EE™ systems is the database. Profiling tools that only show the JDBC API method calls are not affective at tuning applications at the enterprise level.
    Learn One Tool
    JDBInsight allows developers to identify poorly performing SQL independent of database and trace tools. JDBInsight goes far beyond the sophistication of current database tracing tools by compacting transaction trees and providing statistics at various levels of detail.

    William Louth

  2. Any plans to release soon, a version that runs on JDK 1.4. Our application runs on Jdk 1.4 and uses 1.4 specific APIs, so I cant switch back to 1.3 to evaluate your product.