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    hallo !

    I developed a small application based on J2EE witch uses XML for messaging.
    Now i want to use a standardized message format, like the SOAP message format.
    But i dont want to use the protocol itself - only the message format. The messages will be serialized to a string and processed in the correspondent components (EJBs) after parsing the message.

    Are there some small java classes that can build that SOAP messages ?


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    Yes u can take help of JAXB an framwork for XML
    messaging.JAXM contains std classes which helps to prepare
    and send xml messgaes in form on Universally accpeted stds
    like SOAP,ebXML,rostanet. For furthur info u can look on for xml .
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    You serialize the object.thats right.

    But you should parse and reparse the soap messages to make it use. Do u do by with your own implementation. parsing SOAP message with your own implementation is just nothing but writing a new software for the soap parsers.So why don't you try to use the products that do it for you.

    Please refer to Apache AXIS or Apache SOAP or the mind electric GLUE etc..

    These all softwares do it for you every thing that is needed for soap.

    All the best.