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    I implemented a small ecommerce site just to investigate J2EE and EJB capabilities. I did it with the reference implementation using a lot of CMP Entity Beans with local interfaces and everything went well.

    Then I decided to play a bit with the evaluation version of WebSphere 4.0 and I was disappointed in discovering that when I tried to create a new EJB component, in the creation wizard there was no place where specify the local interfaces for the component itself.

    So the question is: does Websphere support components with local interfaces? Where do I specify such interfaces?

    Thank you,

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    I have to disappoint you...WebSphere 4.0 supports only EJB1.1. Local interfaces were intoduces with EJB2.0. There is a WebSphere Developer Edition (a beta of WebSphere 5.0) which has support for EJB2.0.

    Otherwise try Bea Weblogic6 or higher, Pramati...there are a lot of J2EE1.3 certified AppServers out there...

    Have fun!

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    Local Interfaces are the new part of J2EERI1.3.1 onwards .When we ( my prof & myself) asked IBM, no need for those is what IBM said.people are not implementing these itself,why new and new technologies.

    I really doubt whether IBM will support in 5.0 as mentioned
    Good luck and keep trying...

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    Hi Mirko!

    I'm really disappointed. We used WebSphere 3.5 and it implemented the EJB1.1 specification. I really believed that version 4.0 was EJB2.0 compliant. Probably I read that somewhere but there was obviously a misunderstanding.

    Thank you anyway! :)