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    I need to call different entity beans more that 5 tables.
    How to design the ejbFind methods.I dont want my entity beans to communicate each other as it may get into deadlock...I would like to do that in session bean.How ca I construct the ejbFind method .Please throw your ideas on this.
  2. As far as the joins are considered it is always better to use a Session Bean to fire a Query to the DataBase. For almost all Read operations which just displays some output to the user, we use Queries ran from a Sessionbean.
  3. Dont you think that you are geting the values from the back
    side as you are creating,updating,deleting thro entity beans..and retriving values thro session beans...

    For eg:-If you are selecting(thro session beans)there are chances that you can retrieve the not commited records as because some user might be using the same table(thro entity bean running on another transaction) and the transaction isnot complete,by the time you are quering the database thro session bean...there are chances that you can get the non commited values..dirty reads can occur....

    How you will solve this kind of problem....
  4. How does an EJB resolve this issue, if the data has already been rendered to the client?