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    I am a manager of a small company. We are planning to deploy our business information system on J2EE platform. I know BEA Weblogic, IBM Websphere and Oracle Application Server are all good J2EE platform. But they are all too expensive for us. Now I have three choices, jBoss, orion and JRun. We can afford any of them.
    jBoss seemed not implement full J2EE functions. It needs a servlet container/web server. I don't know how Tomcat is in a productive environment.
    JRun is a product-level server. But I know little about it.
    Orion maybe good choice. But after licensed by Oracle, will Orion keeps going?
    Which should I choose?
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    jBoss , of course
  3. Depending on your time frame, you could consider a LavaServer. It's a J2EE certified app server appliance from LavaServers, Inc. (www.lavaservers.com). (I'm one of the founders).

    It's pretty affordable - the single proc unit has a single 1Ghz proc, 512MB memory, dual NIC, 40GB disk and is priced at $2499 (which includes a J2EE certified app server).

    Availability is slated for July, and we're looking for pilot customers for testing starting in early June

    Send email to pilot at lavaservers dot com if you're interested...
  4. Weblogic 6.1 is better in customer service and performance tooo .

  5. Thank you for your recommandation first. But don't you think it's too expensive?
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    I'd recommend JBoss. There's a downloadable bundle with Tomcat available, and it runs nicely. The only downside of JBoss is the lack of documentation, even the documentation you can pruchase on the jboss site is a bit lacking... it has a lot of the low-level technical details, but not much to help normal / new users of the system. Otherwise, no complaints about JBoss.