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    I'm looking to implement a Portal server. I looked at few Frameworks and stumled on JetSpeed. I was wondering if anybody has posted a review on

    If anybody out there has used, I would like to have thier input.

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    I used JetSpeed last year when it was still very immature. The IBM implementation of Jetspeed (Websphere Portal Server) is much more mature now - I hope JetSpeed has kept pace. - Rup
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    Hi Satish -
    I have been involved with a public web site that uses the jetspeed portal technology and have been relatively happy with how it has performed. It is reasonably straight forward to use and, of course, free. One has a tremendous amount of flexibility and it allows a tremendous amount of customization. One can get a portal site up very quickly.

    The site is itself an 'Adult' web site so I won't post it here to avoid offending any sensibilities, but if you want to see the site, or better yet, if I can offer any email assistance in working with the product you want.

    Ray Harrison
    rharrison at rocketmail dot com