Oracle's BC4J framework (a J2EE app framework)


General J2EE: Oracle's BC4J framework (a J2EE app framework)

  1. Has anybody used Oracle's BC4J framework?

    I'd like to hear from developers that have used BC4J on
    a project.

  2. You should try their forum on Information about BC4J is sparse at best. I looked at the product for some time but I never used it for a real project.
  3. We are using the BC4J Framework in our application and we have found a huge amount of problems:
    - great stability problems
    - poor documentation
    - not fully compliant with J2EE standard (even if you can deploy business components as EJBs)
    - changes to DB schema can cause serious synchronization problems

    For our next project we are planning to move to another framework (Struts???)
  4. It's true that BC4J's documentation is not the best available and can be a real problem. I can't comment on it's stability, I didn't use it enough. I think that it's a good framework, but it needs to mature a bit more.

    Struts is not a replacement for BC4J though...