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    The Avalon project is an effort to create, design, develop and maintain a common framework for server applications written using the Java language. This framework will not be a standalone product, but will allow existing and yet to be created server applications to fit into a common platform and to share code, design and human resources.

    This is an alpha release of some major framework changes. The design patterns have solidified and formalized. Over the next few months expect a comprehensive set of services to be built into the base.

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    In fact it's Avalon-3.0a3 one day later. (Altough the date is a bit strange:

    Avalon-3.0a3-dev.tar.gz 12-Oct-2037 12:52 1.2M GZIP compressed docume>

    (http://java.apache.org/framework/dist/ if not widely known)

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    This demonstrates how much we are working on it. =)