What is the best performance tool for J2EE ?


Performance and scalability: What is the best performance tool for J2EE ?

  1. What is the best tool to analize the folowing things :

    1) GC
    2) Memory usage by java classes
    3) response time ordered by methode
    4) response tome ordered by URI

  2. I can recommend 2 products:

    OptimizeIt, now from Borland, shows memory use, object instantiation, garbage collection and threads in real-time. A trial download is at http://www.optimizeit.com/app/download/downloadArea.jsp.

    JTest from Parasoft. This is an incredible full-featured testing utility. It does static compilation to check your source code for problems, it has a great debugger for running test scenarios, and for SOAP-based Web Services it even writes the test cases for you. http://www.parasoft.com.


    P.S. - You may also find my open-source TestMaker tool to be helpful at http://www.pushtotest.com.
  3. Hi Thanks for you information , I was checking both productos but none of them can tell me the response time for each method .

  4. What are your goals to time an individual method? I have found a good logging strategy to be helpful at finding methods that take the longest time to run. And I believe OptimizeIt does tell you time to run methods. -Frank
  5. Hi,
       Well the main idea will be to know which methods consume most of my CPU time, advising for a review of those methods.
    What does "Logging strategy" mean ? , How do you do that ?
    Do you have to modify you java code to implement that logging strategy ?

  6. Hi,
    Just take a look at JProbe : www.sitraka.com
    I think that is what you need.
    JProbe Profiler is a tool who can show you the time spend and the objects created in each method.(and many more informations)
    JProbe Memory Debugger can also give you Information about GC, Memory Usage, CPU time and so on.
    With JProbe Threaderlyser you can analyse the Threads.
    Just take the evaluation version of the JProbe Suite - it contains all those products -
  7. I wanted a basic tool where I can get memory usage of an object better still if I can go to method level. I need to take this information and log it in my file. I am looking at HProf or other free profiler. well did anybody work on these free profiler tell me which will be the best profiler which can work on solaris and give me memory information and can give a a output which i can write to a file myself instead of it automatically writing to a file. well I am still researching on this and any suggestions are welcome.