How do I define scalability of Model 2 WEB application?


General J2EE: How do I define scalability of Model 2 WEB application?

  1. We have a web application designed using JSP,Servlets
    (a.k.a MVC or model 2) and is hosted on weblogic express 6.1. This application is used by total 150 users currently and is expected to go to 250 or 300 users in a year. It is expected that at any point of time 20 to 30 users will be using the sytem concurrently. Each user is expected to spend 30 to 60 minutes a day with this application. As such the application is running fine. But my management asks me,what is the scalability of this application and do we need an EJB server?
      My problem is,how do i define scalability factor of an application and how do I decide when to go for EJB's.

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  2. Almost certainly, you shouldn't go for EJBs just for the scalability. (In fact, scalability is probably one of the most misunderstood EJB "virtues", but that's for another thread.) Use some load-testing tool to see how many concurrent users you can support with a single powerful x86 server. If this number is less than (or uncomfortably close to) the projected number of users by year-end, start investigating sticky session load balancers, or optimize your application.

    You'd probably only go for EJBs if you had other reasons to do so, e.g. transactional, security, object pooling, Swing client, etc., requirements.

    Pietari Laurila
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