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    Just last night I finished writing Chapter 9 of my upcoming book Testing Web Services that will be published by Osborne McGraw Hill this Fall. Chapter 9 covers testing Web Services in .NET environments. It discusses the interoperability problems and differences from Java-based Web Services that we all will run into as developers of Web Services.

    I also present research showing the incredible speed and scalability diferences between RPC and document-style SOAP messages.

    The chapters are available for free download at http://www.pushtotest.com/ptt/thebook.html. I would very much appreciate your feedback on the book.


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    I browsed through various chapters in your book. Looks very interesting and I think the issue of interoperability between .net and J2EE can become very significant. Traditionally, Microsoft technologies have proven to be best suited for User interfaces and clients whereas J2EE has matured as a server side platform over the last few years.
    Given this traditional segmentation, it may be worth considering architectures where you use Microsoft technologies as a client that talks to J2EE on the server side using web-services. This will be especially relevant for rich non browser-based clients that communicate with robust J2EE server applications using web services.

    I have been wondering about this and will start to do some research.

    Any thoughts.