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Performance and scalability: Dynamo app server vs. WebLogic

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    Hi all,
    I was wondering which is the better app server in terms of scalability/performance/support. I know that Dynamo was first to support EJB 1.1 spec, but they don't have a beta for EJB 2.0 like WebLogic does. Also if anyone has any exp with the new WebLogic commerce and personalization engines, how are they?


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    I like weblogic simply because I have worked more with it and their documentation and support is excellent.
    Weblogic is fairly inexpensive and has excellent fail over capabilities.

    But it is more of a business issue or a matter of taste at this point I think. Both technologies are fairly mature

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    Dynamo 5 supports full J2EE, including Entity Beans and all the rest of it.

    Most people buy Dynamo for the flexibility that the application server gives them. The repository API is far more flexible than entity beans, there's much better personalization features and it has a far better presentation layer than Weblogic does.
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    Hi all, I'm interested in peoples' experience with clustering. Specifically, I'm interested in failover of stateful session beans. Here's my question:

    Dynamo talks about session failover, but it appears to be entirely confined to the Nucleus space. What does dynamo do for stateful session bean failover (aka EJB clustering)? How, if there is no support for this, does ATG expect its J2EE implementation to be taken seriously?

    I'm posting this here, because I'd like to know what peoples experience is with WebLogic and EJB session failover....

    comments? Much appreciated!