OracleWorld in San Francisco next week will be host to a special Workshop on J2EE and Web Services which include presentations from and Q&A with Oracle's key J2EE software engineers and a panel on the future of Java which will include Jason Hunter of, TMC CEO Ed Roman, Meta Analyst Thomas Murphy, and open source Java developer James Holmes.

Check out the OTN Workshop on J2EE Web Services on November 11th.

Press Release
At OracleWorld, there will be over 70 technical sessions on Java and J2EE topics across the conference.

A key technical highlight is expected to be the OTN Workshop, J2EE Web Services -- a hardcore technology discussion that includes presentations and Q&A from Oracle's J2EE development team as they work on the race to J2EE 1.4. Broken into 5 sessions:

* The Future of Java and Web Services Application Development
* J2EE Today and Tomorrow
* Web Services: State of the Nation
* Model View Controller Frameworks: What's Next?
* Panel - The Future of Java

The last panel will likely spark some controversial and insightful discussion. It includes includes well-known Java community personalities including Ed Roman, CEO of The Middleware Company, Jason Hunter of, representative of Apache Software Foundation, co-creator of JDOM and author amongst other accomplishments, Meta Analyst Thomas Murphy and open source, Java consultant, developer James Holmes.

Designed for hardcore J2EE junkies, this is a chance to hear direct from and question the top J2EE Web services software engineers at Oracle as they lay out their vision of taking J2EE into the future. Check it out!